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When the Fuste Family moved from Puerto Rico to Florida, they packed more than clothes; they brought with them dreams and much excitement for their new life. Considering their extensive experience with baking, opening a bakery was the obvious thing to do. So when the opportunity arose Taino’s Bakery became their new passion.

Nowadays, the aroma that floats in the air from our kitchen invites our visitors to taste our distinctive, appetizing cuisine. From our sizzling hot appetizers, such as sorullitos, empanadillas, yucas rellenas (meat-filled cassava croquette), ham croquettes, and many other delicious options, to our scrumptious breakfast platters; all of this, and our hot lunches, are the result of the influence of Cuban, Mexican, American, and African food blended with the ingredients, which have been passed down from generation to generation, amongst the different ethnic groups that inhabit the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

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5806 Lake Underhill Rd Orlando (Florida)

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